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HP LoadRunner Training Course

Our brand new LoadRunner training program and video tutorials are coming soon.

This course is designed to cover all aspects of LoadRunner and to provide users with the knowledge required to work with LoadRunner at a professional level. This course addresses planning your load test scenarios, developing your user scripts using Virtual User Generator (VUGen), enhance and correlate Vuser scripts, executing your scenarios and finally analysing your results (LoadRunner Controller and Analysis modules). The course covers real-world best practices for effective use of LoadRunner. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated.

What am I going to get from this course subscription plans?

  • Access to self-explanatory and comprehensive HD video tutorials for all chapters/topics
  • By the end of this course, you will get technical/practical experience and ability to do performance testing using LoadRunner
  • You will be ready for real world interviews and LoadRunner performance testing job (basic to advanced LoadRunner)
  • Technical support for your project, exercises and queries (Email/Weekly support sessions based)
  • Access to any new videos/updates on site
  • Access to courseware (LoadRunner Scripts, Docs, PDFs, Interview Questions, etc.)

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Most of our students buy videos tutorials and they are happy with that. But, if you are looking for online training, following are the details:

Cost: $399 (includes 12 months subscription to members area)

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We recommend video tutorials as you can watch videos anywhere, anytime and any number of times. But, if you are looking for classroom training, following are the details:

Cost: £399 (includes 12 months subscription to members area)

Classroom training is available in UK only for now. We have plans to make it available in USA as well soon.

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We provide customized corporate training as per your requirements at your office or at our training venue. Please contact us for more details along with your requirements and team size.

Course Content in Detail


• What is Performance Testing?
• Why We Need to do Performance Testing?
• Introduction to LoadRunner
• LoadRunner Components
• Performance Testing with LoadRunner Overview

Performance Testing Basics

• Key Business Processes & Use Cases
• Entry Criteria
• Exit Criteria
• Performance Test Approach & Types
• Application Performance Testing
• Infrastructure Performance Testing
• Load & Peak Load Testing
• Stress Testing
• Soak Testing
• Additional Tests as directed by Business
• Business Load Specification
• Peak Load Parameters,  Ramp up time  and Users
• Business Day Parameters, Ramp up time and Users
• Results & Reporting

LoadRunner Installation

• LoadRunner Architecture
• Where to Install LoadRunner Components
• How to Install them to Support Our Effective Performance Test
• Identify Hardware and Software Needs for Installation

Using VuGen Component

• Introduction to VuGen
• Major  Components of the VuGen Interface
• Recording a Basic Script
• Recording Options
• Recoding Levels
• Replaying a Basic Script
• Different Run Time Settings
• Different General Options


• Function of a Transaction in a Script
• When to Add Transactions
• Adding Transactions during Recording
• Adding Transactions after Recording


• What are Parameters and How they Work
• Solve Playback Problems with Parameterization
• Parameterize a Script for Load Testing


• What is Correlation
• Correlate Dynamic Values After Recording
• Using the Auto Correlation tool
• Using Manual Correlation


• Why and When to Use Verification
• Identify Visual Cues to Check for During Load Testing
• Add Text Checkpoints During and After Recording

Working with Actions

• Benefits of Multiple Actions
• Create Multiple Actions for a Web Script
• Configure Actions to Achieve Load Testing Goals

Introduction to Script View

• Identify when Script View is Necessary
• Send Customized Output Messages to the Replay Log
• Identify Basic C Code Including Statements, Variables, and Functions
• Apply Basic Debugging Techniques in VuGen

Using Controller Component

• Introduction to the Controller
• What is a Scenario?
• More About Scenario
• Elements of Scenario
• Types of Scenarios
• Creating a New Scenario
• Running a Scenario
• Scheduling Scenarios
• Identify Strategies for Creating Effective Scenarios

Executing & Monitoring a Scenario

• Executing a Scenario
• Identify Techniques to Efficiently Run a Scenario
• Performance Monitors
• Benefits of Using Performance Monitors
• Set Monitoring Options
• Configure Monitors

Using Analysis Component

• Introduction to Analysis Tool
• Importance of Analyzing Results
• Work with the Graphs to Display Data
• Analysis Reports & Results

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