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 HP QTP/UFT Training Course

Our brand new QTP/UFT training program and video tutorials are coming soon.

This course provides comprehensive practical/technical knowledge required to work with HP QTP/UFT as an automated functional testing tool for different environments and also takes your automation skills to the next level by learning to use the Expert View and Advanced topics in QTP. This course addresses topics such as recording and running tests, adding synchronization points and checkpoints, actions , enhancing scripts by implementing data driven tests, expert view usage, VBScript programming and Object Repository.  Throughout the course real world practical examples are demonstrated for different types of application  like Desktop, Windows and Web applications.

We will be also working with different automation frameworks – Hybrid, Keyword Driven and DataDriven by implementing them for real world applications. There will be lot of real world exercises for you to do as well. Don’t worry:-), we are always there to help you in these exercises or your real world job.

What are the requirements?

  • Windows PC
  • Software: QTP, Firefox, Firebug
  • Videos have been oriented for absolute beginners
  • No prior VB Script/programming knowledge required

What am I going to get from this course subscription plans?

  • Access to self-explanatory and comprehensive HD video tutorials for all chapters/topics
  • By the end of this course, you will get technical/practical experience and ability to automate applications using QTP
  • By the end of this course, you will get technical/practical experience and ability to implement automation frameworks – Hybrid, Keyword Driven and DataDriven for real world applications
  • You will be ready for real world interviews and QTP automation job (basic to advanced QTP)
  • Technical support for your project, exercises and queries (Email/Weekly support sessions based)
  • Access to any new videos/updates on site
  • Access to courseware (Automation/VB Script/QTP Scripts, Docs, PDFs, Interview Questions, etc.)

Early Bird Offer

6 Months Subscription

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3 Months Subscription

Coming Soon!

Most of our students buy videos tutorials and they are happy with that. But, if you are looking for online training, following are the details:

Cost: $399 (includes 12 months subscription to members area)

Quick Links:  Course Schedule | Contact Us

We recommend video tutorials as you can watch videos anywhere, anytime and any number of times. But, if you are looking for classroom training, following are the details:

Cost: £399 (includes 12 months subscription to members area)

Classroom training is available in UK only for now. We have plans to make it available in USA as well soon.

Quick Links:  Course Schedule | Contact Us

We provide customized corporate training as per your requirements at your office or at our training venue. Please contact us for more details along with your requirements and team size.

Course Content in Detail:

Introduction to QTP

• Introduction to Automation

• Advantages & Limitations  of Automation Testing

• Fundamentals of QuickTest Professional (QTP)

• Benefits of QuickTest Professional

• QuickTest Professional User Interface

• Add-In Manager and Add-ins in QTP

Record and Create Simple Scripts

• Preparing to Record

• Review Documented User Steps or Test Cases

• Identify the Application Under Test (AUT)

•  Prepare the Test Environment

• Create Basic Tests Using Recording

•  Create and Save Basic Tests

•  Execute Tests

•  Understand QTP Results

Objects and Object Repository

• What Do We Mean by Objects?

• Using Object Spy

• Identify Objects and Their Properties

• Discuss basics of the Object Repository

• Working with the Object Repository

• Utilizing a Shared Object Repository

• Local versus Shared Object Repositories

• Use the Object Repository Manager

Adding Synchronization

• Introduction to Synchronization

• Add Synchronization Steps

• Types of Synchronization

• Global Object Synchronization Timeout

• Synchronization Point using Wait Property

Standard Checkpoints in QTP

• Enhance Tests with Checkpoints

• Types of Checkpoints

• Use Regular Expressions

Using Parameters

• Parameters and Types of Parameters

• Use Input and Output Parameters

• Environment Variables

• Enhance Checkpoints with Parameters

• Create Data Driven Tests

Working with Actions

• What is an Action?

• Types of Actions

• Define a Test with Multiple Actions

• Create a New Action and Action Settings

• Make Action Reusable

• Create Multiple Actions from a Single Action

• Use an Existing or Copied Action

• Use Global and Local Data Sheets

Adding Custom Checkpoints

• Create a Custom Checkpoint

• Compare Captured Values with Expected Values

• Use Debugging Tools

• Report the Step Outcome with a Reporter Event

Database Checkpoints in QTP

• Define Database Checkpoints

• Create SQL Queries

• Insert a Database Checkpoint

• Parameterize a Database Query

Solving Object Recognition Problems

• Run Modes in QTP

• Normal Recording based on Object Model

• Analog Recording

• Low-level Recording

• Use a Bitmap Checkpoint

• Working with Virtual Objects

• Introducing the Ordinal Identifiers

Working with Recovery Scenarios

• Create a Recovery Scenario

• Associate a Recovery Scenario with a Test

QTP Expert View

• Understanding Expert View

• Introduction to VBScript or OOP

• Translating Steps – Using Expert View

• Using the Step Generator

• Entering Steps Manually and Coding

• Debugging QTP Scripts

• Breakpoints and Step Method

• Smart Identification

• Base Filter and Optional Filter Properties

Object Properties

• Retrieving Properties of an Object

• Test Object and RunTime Object

• Set/GetTOProperty and GetROProperty Methods

• Using Constants and Variables

• Using the Report Utility Object

Working with Dynamic Objects

• Using Dynamic Objects

• Building a Programmatic Description

Using VBScript 

• Introduction to VBScript

• DataTypes, Variables, Constants

• Using VBScript Operators, Statements, and Functions

• Conditional Statements, Looping Statements

• User defined and Built-In functions in QTP

Working with Dynamic Data

• Retrieving Data

• Using Looping Statements

• Using the Data Table Object – Retrieving External Data

• Importing Data

• Working with Databases and File Systems

Automation Framework Development & Usage

• Creation of Framework

• Usage of Framework and Keyword Driven Techniques

• Sample Project Implementation using the Framework

• Framework Advantages (Keyword Driven, Maintainability, Reusability)

• Data Driving in QTP with Excel files (Data Driven Framework)

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