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Selenium Tutorial – Selenium Hybrid Automation Framework

In this tutorial, we are going to cover following:

  • Introduction to Framework
  • Hybrid Framework Structure
  • How to make Hybrid Framework
    • Easy to use for all
    • Easy to understand
    • Easy to maintain
  • How to specify test config outside the project
  • Page Objects Framework
  • Writing Login Test with Page Objects Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • How to Organise Test Data in Excel File
  • Applying Data Driven Framework to Login Test
  • Running Tests with TestNG and ANT


  1. Excellent Learning!!!! Before writing the Test case script you have extended the TestBase Class. It will be more informative and to ease understand if you explain TestBase class first.

    Thanks alot!!!!

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to know more about your course. Can you please call me back my contact no is 4083323898.

    Waiting for your call.

    Shamal Sawant.

  3. Very informative and covered basics of hybrid automation, TestNG and ANT in one hour.
    Thanks a lot..

  4. I have gone through video and its very helpful and nice. The way trainer explains its very easy to understand automation concepts.

  5. Can you please provide the entire project

  6. Can the sourcecode be shared please

  7. Hi, Can I get page objects framework video. Its not present in the selenium free videos link now.

  8. Can the sourcecode be shared please


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